Royals reportedly still pissed about Noah Syndergaard World Series pitch

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and the Royals are looking forward to some payback against the Mets for NoahSyndergaard’s wild brushback pitch to Alcides Escobarin Game 3 of last year’sWorld Series.Kansas City will face the Mets on opening night Sunday and again Tuesday, and the Royalswill be seeking retribution for the controversial pitch, Newsday reported, citing unnamed sources.MORE: Every MLB team’s greatest strength|Long live BartoloSyndergaard is scheduled to start in the second game against the Royals, but because they are playing in an American League ballpark he won’t be batting.Whether the supposed declaration of revenge is real or just a ploy to get people to tune in to the game is unclear.If the Royals are looking for retribution against Syndergaard, it will have to be while he is on the mound Cameron Maybin Jersey .UPDATE:Ned Yost on Royals-reliation-gate: “Some buffoon writes something and you guys are gonna jump like little monkeys in a cage for peanut.” Rustin Dodd (@rustindodd) March 29, 2016


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